Plan Installation


QPPI will assist you throughout the setup and conversion process so that you are ready to move forward with your new daily tasks.

Annual Plan Administration

Our annual administration includes compliance testing, annual valuations, participant statements, government filings, and more for Defined Contribution, Cash Balance, and Defined Benefit plans.

Plan Documentation


QPPI will discuss the plan design with you and prepare the plan document.  In addition, we also prepare the Summary Plan Description, Loan Policy, Safe Harbor Notice, and other administrative forms.   QPPI will continue to monitor new laws and regulations and notify you of required amendments.

Plan Consulting

QPPI offers consultation on various plan issues including, but not limited to, design options, administrative procedures, and correcting compliance failures.


In addition to the annual work, we are available throughout the year for various tasks including audit assistance, QDRO review, EPCRS filings, and more.